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Aug. 8th, 2014


Doing Some Old School Video Gaming Recently

Finished Final Fantasy II for NES last night.  Man, I feel like I spent a little too much time grinding to build up my characters to the recommended levels (and I got BORED with it and stopped before I reached them too!).  When I did get to the end, I think it took me about 4 or 5 (maybe a couple more I didn't count) rounds of basically just pounding on the final boss with various weaponry.  I did have my strongest healer healing occasionally if the boss actually did hit one hard.  But it was a bit anticlimactic.  The way you build your characters up is a little odd compared to previous FF games, and those that came after as well.  Basically, you go out and let your characters get pounded by enemies.  If your HP is blitzed (I read that it only has to be more than halved, but I would pound them down to their knees) then at the end of the battle, they'd gain hit points.  Same thing with Magic points.  Use a lot and they gain more at the end of the battle.  Weapon skill increases by using that type of weapon.  Magic doesn't have different spells that you can buy at different levels.  Instead, you level up your spell by using it.  The more you use say Cure, the stronger it gets. Over all I enjoyed the game though. If you dig old school roms,  I'd definitely recommend this one to play.  I am currently using John NES emulator for Android, and I find I definitely play more now than I was recently when I had to be parked in front of my TV to play.

Now I'm starting Final Fantasy III for NES which I've played, but my original rom wasn't translated completely and it became confusing. This was the last game that was created for the NES platform before Final Fantasy IV (released as Final Fantasy II in the US) moved the series to the SNES platform.  Nobuo Uematsu's score sounds great as usual.  He was very good at creating very good music given only 3 tones to work simultaneously with on the NES 8-bit platform.  It was what captured our attention on these games in the first place, and his work just got better and better.


Jul. 24th, 2014

Triumph, Ed and Al Way too Cute

Starfire is doing SO well.

Star had her big 3 month follow up vet visit today.  I took a soft blanket with me to lay on the table while they did her blood pressure and they did that first before drawing blood for her workup.  The result was awesome.  Her blood pressure was 100, which is just about as perfect as it could be. Dr wanted it below 120, and she's extremely happy with it where it is. We'll know how her blood work up comes out by about Saturday most likely.  All is going well in the world of Starfire.  Her special account is now empty though. The funds we raised have served their purpose though, they got us through to this last full workup of her initial treatment.

Full workups will be annual from here on out. She has to have a blood pressure test every 3 months for the rest of her life, so I'll have to put aside a little bit each week to replenish her account for the next time, but for the moment all is well.  I hope that she will be with us for many more years.

If you didn't catch it, Star had gone completely stone blind as a result of high blood pressure. Her retinas had detached and her pupils were completely blown.  Now that her blood pressure is back where it needs to be with medication, her retinas have reattached and her pupils are reactive. She can see, though I'm pretty sure not quite as accurately as she once did. She still follows motion and looks at me when she sees me.  I don't have to touch her or talk to her to get her attention.  (unless she is sleeping, which she does very well). She sees me come into the room and follows me with her eyes.  Her depth perception is not as good though, so she's more cautious about hopping up and down from things. (especially down) and occasionally you can tell by her over correction when she reaches the floor, or scrabbling when she hops up, that she misjudges the distance. Thankfully she's super smart and recognizes that she can't 100% trust her eyes when it comes to distance guageing now.

We are extremely happy with her progress. We feel that the $1000 we raised went a long way towards helping us prepare financially for her continued lifetime treatment. Thanks to everyone who donated.


Jul. 23rd, 2014

Iced Over

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Word Crimes

I have had a busy couple of weeks... Stupid work schedule.  But here is something I needed to share because of how often I see these kinds of things.  Due to reading MegaTokyo I can read |_337 in several dialects quite well, but I agree with this whole thing, especially in my intense dislike of things like letters and numbers used in place of words.  (though I may occasionally say things like OIC... does that make me a hypocrite? I just hate things like "I am here 4u" and especially "I this Ur's?"
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Jun. 28th, 2014

Chihuahua Zombie

This is a test.

I mentioned to shanachie_quill in a comment on one of evil_little_dog's posts that I used Semagic, and that I really liked it. In that comment I also mentioned that I believed that now Semagic is able to upload your images directly to LiveJournal without having to post them somewhere else.  Since I wasn't sure, I said I would test it, and so that is what this post means to do.

Here is a picture:

Ok... Upon testing, I'm not sure if it's uploading to LiveJournal Scrapbook, or if it's uploading to Picasa... It took me a minute to figure it out, because I would putting in my email I use on LiveJournal and it was giving me an error. When I changed to my regular Gmail, it seems to have uploaded. so we'll see.

ETA: from my side I can see the picture. I'm not 100% sure where it uploaded to though, which was one of the reasons I posted something innocuous like a crocheted octopus (which I sell btw, custom made to order for $20.)

Jun. 27th, 2014

Triumph, Ed and Al Way too Cute

Not behind? How?

You know, I thought I was way behind again on keeping up with my LiveJournal friends. list.  I'm kind of picky in that when I go to read I want to go back in time to the last thing I read  and work my way to the present.  It's a little sketchy if I get too far behind, because LJ doesn't let me go back as many pages as it used to, so I've made an effort not to get more than a few days behind at a time.  I do read all posts, but since the LJ app sucks ass, and ElJay isn't much better, I don't always comment.  So if you didn't see a comment from me, it wasn't because I wasn't interested. 

I'm very annoyed with LiveJournal for shooting down the "+1" idea less than a day after they proposed it just because their vocal "Don't ever change anything EVAR" crowd opposed it. Despite the fact that the initial feedback about it was positive. Despite the fact that they clearly stated an intention to make the feature OPT IN, and giving individual journal owners the option to NOT include it on their Journals, the "Don't ever change anything EVAR" crowd won in less than 24 hours, and they dropped it completely out of the consideration.  I'm so sick of those people because they totally hold LJ back from coming into the present day as far as that.  I don't feel that having the option to acknowledge something someone has said quickly when one doesn't have time to say anything specific, or when they maybe don't really have anything useful to add other than something that says "I hear you", or "I see what you're saying."

cornerofmadness, I think I said that I was happy to hear that you're surgery went well, and that they were able to repair your tendon.  I'm sorry that you're having difficulty with your meds, but hopefully you won't need them too much longer and you'll be healing well.  I can't take any opiods at all. I get told all the time "Well vomiting isn't really an allergic reaction." ok.. maybe not, however, it is my body saying "OH NO YOU DIDN'T @*#$#(&!!!" and there is no point in taking a pain med that I can't keep down. Anyway. Glad things are going well. You are in my thoughts.

evil_little_dog, Congrats on another 8 weeks at your current posting.  I know it's not the best job in the world, but work is good.  Maybe if she knew you were putting in another application, she was like "oh no...." and called the agency to keep you on a little longer. lol.  I am not digging my current job because my schedule is constantly in chaos, and I have no time for anything AGAIN. However, in my good news on that front, A couple of weeks ago when my schedule got shredded for the umpteenth time for whatever 'reason', I applied back at the place I used to work (different location) because they a) pay better b) I will have consistent hours c) Day shift! VERY important to me given the amount of evening commitments I have now.  Wednesday I contacted the shift manager to check on that app and she asked when I could come in for an interview. I told her, but then a couple of days later, she told me that I didn't need to interview. The manager wanted to hire me just on her sayso because we'd worked together before and we'd be working togther again here doing the same thing, just a different company.  Anyway, so they are pretty sure that they're loosing their day shift driver, and just have to wait the official 3 days for her to be without a vehicle, before they can her, and then I can give my notice where I am.  You are also often in my thoughts.  It was nice to chat with you on YM recently. I miss chatting and playing Rps with you, even if they are just one on one in chat.

ookamikagakusha, I have been enjoying the writing you've been doing and also recent artwork.  You've really improved in both categories.  I've missed talking to you on Y!M the last couple of days, but I know you have a lot going on at the moment. I hope you mommy is doing ok. 

Recently I was asked by someone I play music with casually (i.e. fellow attendees of an open jam session that I started late last fall.) has asked me if I'd be interested in playing with a band that he's playing with that will have pretty regular gigs and before long, some paid work.  So it's more important than ever for me to have my schedule at work solidify. I can't have this chaos any more. I let work cost me my music once, I will never allow it again.

I've been working on Chapter 15 of CTT... I really think it's almost finished.  I just wanted to try to move things forward a bit, but since that meant basically a filler chapter, I'm having trouble ending it.. it just rambles on and on even though it's not that long. I think I might have figured out how to make it end so I can go on to Wednesday though.  So keep your fingers crossed that I can figure this out.  I've also been working on Gaia's Song again. I did some very minor editing of the first three chapters, and tonight most likely will try to do some serious work on Chapter 4 and then I need to really work out the rest of the outline so I can move forward. I feel like I don't have a clear picture of where the story goes after about halfway through. I'm one of those that really needs to know the beginning the middle and the end of a story, and am notorious for NOT knowing how the end comes.  Anyway. My long break is over, so it's time to go back to work.

Oh yes.. and I've lost about 16 pounds. Only 20 more to go. So YAY!

May. 9th, 2014

Spring Dragon

Not posting drunk today

I started a post on Tuesday, and then I realized that I was too drunk to write a coherent post. Tuesday nights I usually go to The Dublin Pub here in Dayton, for open mic night, which is really more like an open session. If for some reason you didn't know, I play Native American flutes, but I use them to play all kinds of music. Primarily Irish music when I'm at The Dublin Pub, but also pop, rock and a variety of other styles including Bluegrass occasionally at a session at The Trolley Stop (Also in Dayton). What I was trying to say was that I broke (cracked a carpal bone) and badly sprained my wrist in the middle of February, and have been fighting injury induced tendonitis since then. So EVERYTHING in the world has been difficult to do with one hand primarily out of commission. It's getting better, but very very slowly. Most of my pain now is the result of the tendonitis, but also the sprain is still slow to heal. Having a cracked bone on top of that, I'm sure didn't help with the healing process.

Ok, so anyway, I finished a giant crochet project, which probably didn't help me heal, and several smaller ones, so as of Tuesday, all my crochet commissions are complete. (Ooops, except for I accepted another one on Wednesday, but I did tell her I didn't intend to start on it for at least two weeks in order to give my wrist a break.) So now I've finally got everything caught up, and can spend more time writing. I've been working towards limiting my facebook time to almost exclusively phone facebooking, and making a point to close the tab if I open one to catch up after work or something as soon as I have checked all notifications. I removed 90% of my friends from my feed either because all they ever did was repost the same BS, or else they were people from high school and college that I never actually interact with etc etc etc. After I close the facebook tab, I have been working on Chasing the Trail chapter 15, which has been almost finished for several weeks.

Yesterday, I went over to AO3, and started moving some of my previous work (well copying. I'll leave it there too) from FFN. I'm increasingly disgusted with their juvenile approach to posting, and wondering what the point is of having a Mature rating if it can't contain mature content. It's like they think their basic readership is mostly kindergarteners. I'm also increasingly annoyed at the fact that I can't use a lot of characters that I would normally use for notes and things like that. In fact, I seem to recall that you're not supposed to even be allowed to post notes, but I do anyway if I have something to say. Not being allowed to include any kinds of links is ridiculous as well. I should be able to link to my website, or other places my writing is posted. It demonstrates to me that they are not willing to do the work to code their system properly to keep inappropriate links out of their text, or to protect their system from malicious code. Anyway I've continued to promise people there that I would post Chapter 15, but to be honest, I'll probably write a chapter that will lead people to AO3 for the rest of it when it reaches a point where I have to start worrying about what words I'm using, or what my characters are doing that might offend the parent of a 12 year old who lied about his age and said he was a grown up.

I'm still feeling like I need to bitch about the terrible TERRIBLE livejournal app. The El Jay app is a little better, but not much. I'd love it if Semagic had a phone app, but it doesn't. That makes me sad, but by switching to using Facebook primarily from my phone, it means I am keeping up better with Livejournal now. I may not always comment, or reply to a reply, but I am reading now, which for quite a while, I was backtracking 100 or more posts and then zipping through them. Now I'm checking them every day or at least every other day unless something makes me supremely busy. I wish there was some kind of acknowledgment button that I could click to at least let people know that "Yes I read what you had to say, and get it, but don't have anything to add to the conversation.

See you soon. Going to watch The Color Purple with marynachaotica and then work on CTT if I have time.

Mar. 19th, 2014

Chihuahua Zombie

Help for Kitty

As many of you may know, my sweet 16 year old Lady Galadriel Starfire suddenly went blind a few weeks ago due to high blood pressure resultant of kidney disease.  We have got started on treatment and her prognosis is very good. The vet says that she is in remarkably good physical condition for her age, with good bones and strong muscles.  If we can resolve this issue, she may even get her sight back.  However, the vet bills are quite high, and at the moment she is still on weekly visits which can range from $60 to $200 per visit depending on what needs to be done.

Unfortunately as everyone probably also knows my financial situation is not where it was this time last year.  Since ARC closed, my income was cut in half. After I started at my new job I was doing better, but now my hours have been cut too.  This couldn't have come at a worse time. Some of my friends have expressed a desire to help with vet bills, and I appreciate it.  This service was used by another friend with pretty good success, so that's why I chose it.

Thank you in advance.  If any more than is needed for her treatment is donated, I plan to find a local vet care assistance program that I can pass the surplus on to and if I can't then to a local rescue yet to be chosen.

Here is the link if you are able to help or if not I'd appreciate if you could share it.

Mar. 16th, 2014

Iced Over

Seriously? Can we have a decent mobile app?

So, LiveJournal keeps banning me for the wrong password. Seriously. If I fat finger (or phone finger a the case may be) the password one time, I'm locked out for an undetermined amount of time. A password that I can't see as I'm typing it in mind you. So I might have been posting more, except that I get locked out when I have time and have to go on to something else. Annoying. Also, again, LiveJournal's app for Android is amazingly pitiful. Btw, there are lots of Russian apps, but only two (well three.... One of which only shows you LJ top posts... So useless to me) English language ones. The official one, which I an using now (and hoping for no strange auto corrections to happen that I don't catch) and which really sucks, and ElJay which has it's own issues but which I haven't used in a while (so I think I'll try out again and see if it is improved). I really wish Semagic had a mobile app...

Here's a picture.

The app says it cannot load the image of poor blind Starfire. Ymmv. We'll see if it posts or if it is some giant unviewable size. (the app also moves my cursor to the end of the post automatically if I take to long spelling out a word with Swype.... Extremely annoying that I can't Swype a word with more than seven or eight letters.
Isn't that precious? My post link won't load.... I don't get a button... I have to open a secondary menu to post, and it won't open. >_<
I just discovered that I have to turn my phone sideways (in which case it is much harder to type in the tub) to see the post button menu.... K... I finished proofreading. See how this goes.
*snort* .... Now my menu works again in portrait.... Wtg LiveJournal app....

Mar. 6th, 2014

Spring Dragon

Lady Galadriel Starfire

So recently, Lady Galadriel Starfire has slowed down a bit. At first we thought it was just the process of aging slowing her down. She is fifteen now after all. But then we started noticing that certain things she was doing a little differently than she used to.  For example, we have a gate that separates where we feed the dog and where we feed the cats which is has a door that is open during non feeding times, but which is raised up so that the cats can crawl under it but the dog doesn't fit.  (this is because the dog will go in and hoover up all the cat food the instant they walk away from their food if he is not blocked from it, and the cats will eat a little food and then wander around a bit and then go back to it, so their food stays in their bowls for about an hour, where Blooper eats all his food right then and is usually done within two or three minutes.) We noticed last week that even when the door to the gate was open that Star was crawling under the gate instead of stepping over the bottom rung through the door.  We also noticed that she was approaching the stairs differently than she usually does.  She goes up by feeling her way with her whiskers, and goes down by feeling her way with her right hand first, and then once that hand is on the next stair down, she would go down a step before reaching down for the next one. She didn't hop hop onto the bed from floor to hope chest to bed or back down any more either, but did so much more cautiously. These things clued us in that she was not seeing as well as she should, so I looked at her more carefully, and noticed that a) she was not tracking my hand in front of her face unless I got close enough that she parsed me with her whiskers, b) her pupils were thrown about as wide as they could go, and did not react as strongly to light as it seemed they should, though they do still react somewhat.  c) her expression has always been fairly wide eyed when she's paying attention, but now she seemed more to be staring blankly than staring at you when you call her.  We reached the conclusion over a couple of days that she had gone blind.  I did some research online and learned that sudden blindness could be a sign of hypertension in cats.  Often this is caused by hyperthyroidism, or renal issues. (More often hyperthyroid, but hyperthyroid can also mask or mimic a renal problem.) 

So off we went this morning to see the vet to see what was going on with her.  Our vet's office is very nice and everyone is pleasant there. Star had not seen a vet for a while. She is exclusively an indoor cat, so she doesn't have as much risk for infectious disease etc that an indoor outdoor pet would need to be concerned with, and she has been remarkably healthy.  However, at 15, I knew it was only a matter of time before she would need more frequent visits to maintain her good health.  First the vet tech took a history, and checked a few things. Temperature (good), Weight (9lb. slightly less than the last time she was weighed I believe but not a whole lot less.) Mostly she just talked to me about what I'd observed and also watched as Star parsed her way around the unfamiliar room and figured out what was what, familiarized herself with the new person and was generally herself and in good spirits, despite the ride in the car and strange people and getting a thermometer where she didn't want one. 

Then the tech went out and discussed her case with the vet for a few minutes and then the vet came in and checked her over.   Felt her thyroid glands, of which one was enlarged and the other she said she 'couldn't feel' which I interpret to mean she couldn't feel anything wrong on that side.  Star was more annoyed at having her kidneys palpated, since thyroid overproduction can mask or mimic kidney issues too.  Then they whisked her out to get blood for a full workup (expensive...) and to get her blood pressure. Result?  We won't know what the lab results are until tomorrow, but Star's blood pressure is very high (as suspected vis a vis her sudden blindness) and needs action right away.  The Vet agreed with me that Star is profoundly blind and upon looking into her eyes, her retinas are definitely detached due to the unbalanced pressure pushing them off the back of her eyes.

Now we're back home, and star has her little blood pressure pills, of which she is to take a quarter per day.  She has had her first dose, taken with a very minimum of fuss.  Once the lab work is back, then we'll know what additional steps will have to be taken. Despite her 'ordeal' today, Star is in good spirits, busily napping in the next room at the moment.  The good news is that once her blood pressure is under control, Doc Bahns believes that there is a chance her retinas will float back into place and over time reattach, which mean her vision may be restored. So any good thoughts any of you can have towards that I would appreciate for her sake. Even still, if she remains blind, and is restored otherwise to good health, I will be happy with that. Star is compensating for her blindness extremely well, and does not seem very distressed about it at all.  The doctor did comment that for her age, Star is in remarkable physical condition. i.e. not overweight, not underweight, strong and muscular and active despite her blindness.  She seemed pretty happy about that.  She also said that once her thyroid was in balance, that it would be as reasonable expectation that the condition of her coat (which I just assumed had started to deteriorate due to her age) would improve.

P.S.  I am finished having winter now, so if we could please move on to spring now I'll be very happy. Thanks, and keep me and Star in your thoughts.


Feb. 17th, 2014

Alchemy Symbols (Gold)

No Poo

So 14 months ago, after some study on the subject, I decided to try an experiment with my hair. I wanted to stop using shampoo and conditioner. Period. I had been reading these labels and looking at all the crap that is in these products and realizing that it was full of phosphates and wax and silicone and all kinds of crazy stuff that I didn't really want on my hair. Firstly, because most of them actually make your hair dry and brittle, while disguising that fact by coating it wax and silicone. To date, I have not used shampoo (nor any sort of soap) or conditioner on my hair (other than when I dyed my hair once every 6 weeks or so) since October of 2012 now. After a brief adjustment period, my hair started feeling healthier than it's ever been. Since then, I also decided I wanted to see what my hair would look like without any dye, so I stopped, and when I had an inch or so of hair grown out dye free, I also cut it super short to let it grow out clean and natural. I guess that was probably about 6 months ago. It's probably about 5 or 6 inches on top now. The change is amazing. I'm not sure yet if I'll keep the natural color. I'm considering using henna on it, but will do a test swatch first to see if I can get an acceptable color first.

Since I've gone no poo, a lot of people ask me when I mention it, how I care for my hair now. Obviously I do care for it or it would like terrible and dirty all the time and probably smell bad too. It doesn't. However, I can now go for 2 weeks without doing anything other than scrubbing it out with clear water and have it still be clean and healthy looking. So because I get asked so often, I thought I'd post an explanation of how I keep my hair clean.  I clean it with baking soda solution and rinse with apple cider vinegar solution.  The vinegar does not leave a scent on your hair. You barely use any at all, and then you rinse it out very well.  If you want a scent, you can use a drop of essential oil, but I just put my favorite perfume on a q-tip and run it through my hair a couple times in the morning. That way it's not overwhelmingly strong and wears off by the end of the day so I can choose a different perfume if I like the next day.

Here's what you need:
1. A pair of 2 oz squirt bottles like this one (I actually used bigger ones empty from hair dye at first, but found the small ones were plenty for my shoulder length hair)
2. A box of baking soda (my first one cost 97¢ and my current one cost 80¢)
3. A bottle of apple cider vinegar (mine is 32 oz, and cost $2, and in a year I have used only half the bottle even after I stole some from the bottle for a yarn dying experiment)

Step one: Don't change any products yet. Just spend a few weeks gradually extending the time between washes. If you wash your hair every day, start washing every other day. Then every third day. Then twice a week... for example, at this stage, I washed every Wednesday and Sunday because it worked well with my schedule. Stick with that schedule for a couple of weeks. In the mean time, you can get your supplies

Step two: Ditch the shampoo and conditioner. You may have to play around with your amounts a bit to get it perfect for your hair type.  I started out with a teaspoon of baking soda in 4 oz... and that has worked pretty well, though I have smaller bottles now, I do about half a teaspoon in a 2 oz bottle of warm water. I don't measure it exactly just eyeball it.  I give it a shake to dissolve it and then squirt it onto my hair while it is dry. Start at the scalp and then you can use your fingers to work it to the tips.  For me the 2 oz is enough to pretty thoroughly saturate my hair though it is pretty thick.  Longer hair may need more.  This will of course not foam up like shampoo.  That's part of the adjustment, is thinking foam is necessary.  Just scrub it around with your fingers for a couple of minutes. Especially your scalp, but make sure you are getting the ends in there too. Rinse thoroughly.   Now in the second bottle (or really you could just rinse out the same bottle I guess.  Mix about a half teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar per 2 oz of warm water.  Give it a shake and also squeeze the entire bottle onto your hair. rub it in, especially on the tips. (I usually start at the tips and work my way up to the scalp. Rinse it very well.

Step three: Continue with Step Two for a few weeks.  Staying with the same twice a week wash schedule you've been using.  This is your adjustment period.  I noticed that at first my hair felt heavy and strange, though it looked clean and I could style it without too much trouble.  I adjusted my amounts, as I may have started out with too much vinegar. I don't actually remember! haha.. but some of it is just that your hair and scalp is recovering from years of having wax and silicone applied in conditioners after having all the natural oils stripped out by the shampoo as often as daily or for some people even more.  Just stick with it and let your hair adjust.  It's been over producing oil for years too, as it tries to compensate for what the shampoo is stripping out. Clogged follicles can also open up after a while and your hair may grow in thicker and maybe even more of it. 

Step four: Once you feel like your hair is starting to normalize, you can either continue to wash twice a week as I did for quite some time, or you can try washing once a week, and just giving it a good scrub with your fingertips and clear water the other day you would have been washing.  If this isn't working for you, then just go back to twice a week, and gradually extend your time between washes until you can reach a week.  I don't think there is any shame in it if you don't get there. The main thing is that you don't want to go back to washing every day, as even with this natural method, this will strip your hair of oils and cause it to over produce again.

I hope this is helpful and informative.  I don't have a good picture of my hair today, and I'm not going to take one since I'm in my pajama's, but I do have some at varying stages

These two were taken on Day 71 of the experiment:

This picture was taken further out. April 17. I've just decided to stop dying and you can see some of my silver.

You'll notice it looks glossier and healthier, this is because I'd gotten a lot of the damage cut out of it recently.

Here I am on New Years Day 2014 playing Apples to Apples with my spawn and some friends.

Ok so anyway, if you're interested in trying this out, feel free. Share your results with me and feel free to ask any questions you may have about the process.  I also no longer use any styling products.  Honestly, I have so much body that I don't need them, and I've learned over the years that my hair styles best if I just have a good cut and let it do what it wants to

Jan. 2nd, 2014

Iced Over

My new bedding set

Look how pretty! I had to buy some new pillows to put in the big euro shams. I can't wait for my curtains to arrive. My room will just look lovely.

Here is a closeup of the nice coverlet I got from Kohl's.

This pattern is all embroidery. Machine embroidered for sure, but still gorgeous and has wonderful texture and some weight to it. I almost can't wait for bedtime.

Sep. 16th, 2013

Spring Dragon

Job Prospects

I guess most of you know that my Favorite Job in the World. The one where I went out my door, walked four houses down the street, crossed the street and went in the door at work is no more. On June 10 of 2013, I walked in the door and upstairs to my office and my boss told me that he was closing Architectural Reuse Company forever.

Since then, my job search has been less than stellar. A lot of applications, a lot of not getting calls back, a couple of chats with bosses as turning in applications, and no call back. One formal job interview that resulted from a job fair, which was for a job I really wanted. One call back from that job to tell me that I had not been selected, but that they liked me well enough to hold onto my info in case they did have another opening. Honestly, if that job comes up, I'll be very tempted to quit whatever job I have so that I can take it.

I had a successful phone interview with another company, which has great benefits, and not so stellar pay (but it's close to what I was making before and I had no benefits at all), which the interviewer said put me in the 3rd round, in which I was to schedule my on site interview, and that I should do it before September 23 so they could get me in the class that starts on that day. Man oh man! What a pain that turned out to be. They couldn't tell me when any interviews would be posted, just that I should log in every day between 8 and 10 am and see if any are posted, and to make sure I checked often, because if they were, they would be gone very quickly. I'm hoping that the starting pay is just during training and I can expect a raise after I go live on the floor.  Even better to get another raise after 90 days. All questions to be asked at the interview.

Well, at last after almost a month trying, I finally was able to schedule myself an appointment for my on site interview. Man, I have never heard of anyone having to do that to get an interview, and I must wonder why they have their managers post times Online and wait to see who has the patience to log in day after day after day to schedule an appointment. Why not just give the managers the top scoring candidates and have them spend that few minutes calling them to schedule? It seems like they risk losing the best candidates, who are likely to move on to other jobs before they can ever schedule an appointment.

Anyway, as long as I succeed at this interview, then I was told that a class is starting on September 23rd, which the phone interviewer indicated he wanted to get me in for. I take that to mean that the on site is just a formality to make sure I'm not an axe murderer or anything. I hope that class isn't already filled up. If it is, then I'll have to probably wait another month to start. 

At any rate, this is my general call out for well wishing for my interview on Wednesday. I'm still in mourning for my nice comfy job at ARC, but I'm ready to have a job again and I admit that immediate benefits will be nice.

Jul. 28th, 2013

Spring Dragon

Dayton Celtic Festival

So this weekend is the Dayton Celtic Festival. After my 7 hour shift at the ARC Store for our very last day ever, I went home and washed my feet, chilled for an hour and then walked up from my house in South Park to the Celtic Festival at Riverscape ( about 2.1 miles). I  met up with two very old friends and hung out with them at the first beer line for a while as I enjoyed my first Guinness. I got a bridie and shared a table with/hung out with a dude named Tony who did a 'freak show' and a lady from the CitiFolk festival for a while as I enjoyed my second Guinness. Taught Tony's five year old daughter about how to play my flute. I saw a couple of people I know from The Dublin Pub.  (No seriously, I will totally just walk up to strangers if I'm alone and ask them if they mind if I share their table rather than standing/sitting alone at a table by myself. It's a matter of boring vs interesting opportunity to meet other people, and this is what I did with this Tony guy. I chose his table because it would mean not having the setting sun in my eyes while I enjoyed my bridie (which I love). I even played my flute for them a little after Tony had already suck a nail up his nose with a hammer two or three times and ate fire several times.)

I ran into a couple more friends just after that, and the three of us which are (informally) Celtic Ink walked around for a couple of hours, during which I peed many times and enjoyed my third Guinness bought a package of roasted almonds and a thing of short bread. (yes I shared both.) some other people we knew one of whom gave me 5 tickets she decided not to use. ( you buy tickets in advance and use them to buy beer/wine (this helps them to control inventory) whenever you want from a different line.) Welcome to my 4th Guinness. (some of which I shared with G).

We also ran into a guy we play music with at The Dublin Pub, but when he got finished helping out with a mutual friend's booth (where I actually did end up buying a lovely claddagh ring which I really wanted) he met up with family and was not available to play with us. I'll try to remember to take a picture of the ring later. It was inexpensive, but I love it.

We eventually settled down at the tables near the stage at Jefferson street. (The hell if I know which one it is.) and played some Irish music ourselves, gathering a small group of listeners. That was a good time. Then Kat and Grant headed home and I set out on foot again to walk the 2 miles back to South Park. Ok.. I worked on my feet for about 8 hours before this excursion, so my feet a a bit sore now. But I had a great time and am glad I went.

I hope some people I know are going tomorrow.  I'm game.  I know that Dulahan is playing at um... 13:20 hours, Scythian at 14:40 and then Gaelic Storm at 16:30. There is also a bunch of Irish dance starting at 14:40 which I might have to see. hmmm...I hope some people will show up with musical instruments and willing to play. My feet are tired, so I may not be as mobile, but I'm game.Oh boy my feet do hurt though. I"m going to bed.
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Jun. 21st, 2013

Carrot, FML

No Job, Nothin' to Do

So anyway, unfortunately today my boss has pretty much confirmed that ARC is pretty well gone forever. It's a real shame too. It was a good job. Best job I have ever had even though the pay was not stupendous. This will be the second time a job I really liked has disappeared out from under me through no fault of my own. In this case, the blame falls squarely on the City of Dayton for leading us on a merry chase after our contracts. In 2011 we had a roughly 70 house contract and we were able to train and maintain on staff 25 disadvantaged workers, many of the, ex-offenders. Recidivism in Ohio is something like 44%, so there is no question such an enterprise is needed. By training workers not only with physical job skills that they can carry forward into other jobs, we also helped them learn important traits to keeping in good standing with their job. Work ethic, punctuality, compatibility with coworkers, leadership and various other skills. It makes sense to help these people empower themselves to become contributing members of their communities as they reenter society. We thought that Dayton agreed, however it has become clear that they don't care about that at all. In early 2012, Boss was working with our state Attorney General to help develop the Moving Ohio Forward Grant which would use some of the money that the banks had to pay states in settlement for the immense fraud they perpetrated on new home buyers just prior to the collapse of the housing market. Unfortuanately for us, in this case, our Attorney General is a Republican and every city commissioner except our departing Mayor is a Democrat. Oh heaven forfend that we should talk to anyone who is not politically aligned with all the City Commissioners. They got mad and started dragging their feet on our next contract (already promised from NSP3 funding).

There is no lack of work in our field. None at all. Dayton has 7000+ blighted houses that need to be removed. They are being removed. Our particular contract was taken off the table and not voted on several times until in mid 2012, we laid off 25 workers and the last two (myself included) went down to part time hours while we continued to scrounge for work since Dayton had let us run dry and had not delivered their promises to us. ARC was aground. It was almost 2 months before a different contract was offered to us after Boss was chastised for his (OMG) fraternization with a (OMFG) Republican politician at the state level to try to get our company more work so we could train and employ more workers. Imagine that. We wanted to TRAIN and HIRE more WORKERS. Aren't Democrats supposed to be in favor of the little guy? the common man? the downtrodden? the WORKER? Anyway, our paltry contract was for less than a 10th the amount of the previous one. And each house was released like it was a precious commodity. The end result was that we could only bring back one team of workers at a time, and we did not at any time have enough work to bring back a third team. As Summer 2012 crept by, we desperately tried to negotiate with the City about our contracts. They promised us that we needn't worry that they would have work for us. Dayton issued 6 bid packets for 60 houses each. They required such outrageously high performance bonds that only one contractor could qualify, and he because he's so wealthy now that he can self bond, has his own landfill and can hardly even be considered local any more because he's spread through several states. Well Kudos to him for being successful. that's great, but he doesn't help Dayton meet any of the green or social goals they purport to want to meet. So he's not getting ALL the work available in Dayton. We bid on two of the packets, after negotiating about the performance bond.

Anyway, this dragged on and we understand that 4 of the 6 packs of demolitions were awarded. Our two were removed from consideration. permanently apparently. Then the city ran us around for a while, and finally issued a 'request for qualifications' which we spent time and energy working on, and turned in... and waited. And waited. And waited all through the winter into spring they said they were assessing it. Then the funding for our current project ran out and the City pulled two houses off our board, one of them already under permit and starting deconstruction. We laid off 4 of our 9 remaining disadvantaged workers. Each week, Dayton promised that they almost had our next work ready. Then about three weeks before the end, we were told that the only thing holding up the works was 16 properties that we had open permits on. of those 16, about 10 had new homes built on them and the City of Dayton had never closed the permits even when they issued new ones. the other six were either waiting for adequate grass to grow on the new clear lots to be inspected, or were the most recent ones we'd deconstructed and were still in excavation. So I toured them, asked for inspections on the ones that could have them, and gave updates on the rest. By the end of the week, all but 3 had finals. Still no contract. When I came in on Tuesday the 11th, Boss told me that he'd decided to close ARC. At the time, he just said there was no work, which was a true statement.

What I learned a couple days later by reading on (David Esrati is a local politician and who owns a marketing firm. He's very outspoken about the problems in our city and he tells it like it is) about his feelings about ARC closing was that while they were stringing us along, the city was awarding work to another contractor by using what is called a 'change order'. It means an existing contract has extra funding added to it and extra work. This company is not in the City of Dayton, and their contract apparently was extended twice by more than twice the contract they strung us along on all summer of 2012, and we just found out about it. There was no reason for Dayton to make us bid on the same set of work over and over and over and still never give us anything while promising they would have work for us. So my question is "What gives Dayton? Why'd you screw your own local contractor and cost the city a total of 28 jobs while giving work to two companies out in the suburbs, not even IN Dayton, one of which did not even have to bid for the work as is supposedly required.

So today was the day that Boss told me he didn't intend to bring ARC back at this point even if the city does come back and tell him to come and sign a contract and here's 60 houses to deconstruct this year. I think he's lost heart, and I don't blame him. It's a real crappy situation and Dayton treated a very decent man trying to do something good in the world and an extremely shoddy way. Meanwhile, I have no job, and I really liked my job. I'm really quite angry about this. I want to march down to city hall and have a few sharp words with some people. people who pretty much lied in MY face as well, since the last two visits for consultations were made by ME as I tried to get all the information together for the Community Development Block Grant that we were also trying to get so that we could offer better pay to our workers, but which Boss never turned in, because he became convinced that we wouldn't get any work to use the money one and it would go to waste. I'm really livid about this and I want to chew some heads. I want to mouth of in the way that Esrati does. I'm going to ask Esrati what I can do to help him the next time he runs for office.

In the mean time, I haven't decided what to do yet. I have unemployment for a while. Last summer I got by on half pay for several months. I can this summer too. I can step up my Mary Kay Business to make more money. I had said that if it became clear that my job was not coming back that I might consider going back to school for real. Full time, and have that be my job. I'm pretty much on the verge of making that decision now. I can get started with school while I'm not working and still have an income. My grants will cover my classes and then some extra most quarters. So I'd be pretty well set until my unemployment runs out. Then I can decide if I want to hack pizza or something while I'm in school, or if I want to go ahead and go the student loans route and take out enough to live on too. I don't have to cross that bridge yet. I just need to decide what I want to do, and what path of studies to take. Linguistics, or prosthetics? Or architecture? I was very interested in architecture in high school. I loved drafting classes, but I know I applied a lot of my drafting knowledge to design artificial limb structures. I wanted to find ways to make them move in the most natural way possible. Back then, the technology wasn't really there to make them work in that complex way, but now? Yah... now the technology is moving. It's interesting. I don't really have to declare right away either. I'll still need a language, so I can study both at the same time while i get my gen eds out of the way. I think I'd better fill out my Fasfa pretty soon though. I don't know the deadline date for this year.

Wow, this took forever to whine about. I better go to bed. *grumble* Unemployed and STILL don't have enough damned hours in my day!

Oh I did forget thought that I'm working out a schedule, and that I'm going to get back to writing while i have time to get my brain back on it. I have had Chasing the Trail chapter 15 open and have worked on it. Right now I'm looking for a reference. If anyone remembers what chapter it was that Winry promised Ed he could get up and use his crutch once he showed her he was going to be able to do it (or something like that) I'd appreciate knowing, as I'm trying to find it.

Anyway, night all.

Jun. 19th, 2013

Walking Penis, Sex

Drunken Ranting?

So I've been extremely negligent, but I'm currently apparently up to date on LiveJournal. I'm really sad that I'm only seeing about three people, and one group still posting to my friends page. I think that's part of a factor in my own lack of posting. My other factor has been the sheer waste of time I spend wasting time on Fxcxbook. Forgive me all the peoples reading. I've just got home from The Dublin Pub, where I had an unusually good time. Discovering that the beer I initially orderer because I knew it would be less expensive than Guinness was about half what I expected to pay for it, and so I drank twice as much of it. Trying to be tight with my money because I got laid off from my job that I love last Tuesday and I still don't know if it will ever come back. I hope to the gods that it does because I loved it better than any job I have ever had, but sometimes you don't get what you want. I'll keep hoping for a while, but in the next couple of weeks, I'll have to start preparing for the worst. I will have unemployment. This will be the second time that I've had a job I really liked go out from under me. Sucks. I'm too drunk to say much more. I think it's time to go to bed, but I plan do use the time I have unemployment to try to END my use of Fxcxbook (or at least strongly curtail it.) and get back to my writing which I have paid very little time and attention with for the last at least two years. It's time to really write Gaia's Song, and also time to give some fan service to Chasing the Trail. ookamikagakusha did some amazing fanart for it recently and it deserves me working on the story.

Just because I'm sort of drunk (5 Yuengling Porters) I'll leave you with this red rubber penis running down what to me looks like a bike trail! hahaha.. and I notice that the last time I updated my page was also after I'd been out to The Dublin Pub to play some music and have a few beers. I'll try to do better. It might be nice if at least I could share some of my music with you here. It's not like I don't have 12 or 15 flutes now. Good night.

Mar. 6th, 2013


Just Blabbing.

Well, here is what happens when you go out on a Tuesday night and you know you don't have to get up early on Wednesday morning. Well, early for me anyway. Because of the alleged weather (rolls eyes at the '6-8 inches of snow') and the distances my coworkers must travel, nobody else will be in, so I brought my work home with me. So since I am counting carbs right now, I was drinking Irish coffee Jameson and Tully's instead of my usual Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout. Thus, I am tipsy and awake at the same time.

Being Irish of course I am still clear headed, though I can feel the effects of my pleasant indulgence. Thus, I am watching Shogun, which I have seen enough times now that I can understand what is going on without even paying much attention to it. Now I'm going to see how well I play Majongg Dimensions. hahaha. Who knows when I will go to bed. Maybe I'll watch the rest of is. Blackthorne is just now with Kiku for the first time. Or maybe I'll just watch this disk and write some music. Music is loud in my soul right now. We'll see.
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Mar. 5th, 2013

Red Shoe

Shooooooes! Wail!

I have "Morton's Toe".  I think my feet look normal and that people without Morton's Toe have bizarre looking angular feet with giant long halluces and tiny regular toes.  Apparently about 20% of humans have this 'mutation'. It was considered a sign of beauty by the ancient Greeks.  I share Morton's Toe with the statue of liberty. I have this suspicion that she has less trouble with her knees and hips due to overpronation, and shoes that can never fit properly. Ugh...  if 20% of people have this foot, why is it so hard to find shoes that fit properly. I love shoes, so what's the deal with this? I wear a 7.5 EEE.  But it's damned hard to find nice looking shoes in that size. Especially dress shoes. For a couple of years, round toed shoes were in and I could find shoes that fit. Then the style went away... my two pairs of wonderful Austen's wore out and since they were made of cheap vinyl instead of real leather, they shoe man could not repair them. any more. Please have round toed shoes come back in again. I need another pair of nice dress shoes that fit.

picture of nice granny shoe I love.Mudd Austen Black Mudd Austen
My favorite shoes ever... Mudd Austen. I need a pair of brown and a pair of black in size 7.5 Wide. They haven't made it for about 5 years and I miss mine sorely. (Quite literally actually.) These were the most comfortable dress shoe I ever had. Perfect heel height, perfect width, didn't bend my hallux in (too much... Morton's Toe you know.) didn't press on my bunion too much (again... Morton's Toe... almost unavoidable. Worse on the left. Medical insurance still unaffordable (3 years after the "affordable health care act" passed, one year from it being mandatory for me to buy it whether I can afford it or not.) Guess I'll use it to get my feet fixed then, since I won't be able to afford a house, I'll need feet that work right and fit in my shoes since I'll have to be outside in shoes since I won't be able to afford a house! hahaha!) I should have hoarded them when I could still get them.

P.S. Re: my rant about health care. I still hold to the FACT that people who are LUCKY enough to have excellent health care provided through their employers (especially those who have employers who actually pay 100% like one of my roommates) and those who make enough money that they really are NOT burdened by their health insurance costs really have no clue what it's like the rest of us.  My boss tried to provide insurance and the cost nearly shut us down. He had to discontinue it.  Carrying it myself (the quality and coverage with the same copays I had in 1999 before the rates octupled where I worked (only quadrupled once the owner shopped around and chose us a policy that covered about half what our previous policy had, and had 3-4 times the copay costs) and after paying it for six months and having them refuse to pay for a prescription the first time I tried to use it, I canceled to go self pay) would now take about... Wow.. you know, it used to be half my income when I worked for AT&T... and that was with a deductible of about $5000 and I don't know what copays. Now? I can't even find a comparable policy. So just never mind that. It's still not affordable, not unless I take a HUGE deduction, and I mean like $10,000. I have no idea what's going to happy next year.

Anyway, this post was about my feet... and my halluces which are NORMAL. All you people with freaky long Halluces have no idea how much more awesome my wide foot is with it's short stout hallux than yours. I'm just saying.

K... Bedtime.


Mar. 1st, 2013

Iced Over

So Funny

sorry, I can't figure out how to embed this with my datapad. I think its just a link. click it anyway. It's awesome!


Feb. 24th, 2013

Entertainment, Ishte, Music

Les Miséable Film

I took my daughter cheapcarnival to see it.  I admit that at the beginning, I was a little doubtful. I thought I was going to be disappointed. This is because I'm a little spoiled by the 10 anniversary dream cast concert.  The voices here were not as strong. Not as perfect. However, having said that, as the film progressed, it was clear that in the a worthy sacrifice was made of that perfect clarity in favor of delivering the raw emotion of some of these pieces.  cheapcarnival and I both agreed as we were talking on our way out, the longer we watched the more we liked what we were seeing and hearing, the better we understood what the director was aiming for.

Fantine's I dreamed a dream was thready and shaky and ... amazingly strong in it's emotive power.  Damn right, Hathaway earned that Oscar. Eddie Redmayne's Marius' "Empty Chairs and Empty Tables, heartbreaking in the beauty of it's delivery. I'm really surprised he didn't get one too.  I was also pleasantly surprised by Amanda Sayfried's Cosette.  I usually dislike Cosette's parts, the sopranos usually ruining it with too much vibrato, but Sayfried's high clear voice and excellent intonation carried the voice of innocence that made the part wonderful to hear. She was very well matched with the other voices she was paired with throughout.

I wish only that we had not had to wait so long to see it.  The reels at the second run theater were clearly not well cared for and nearly completely worn out. The movie had vertical lines and scratches all through it. Still for $3 a piece, I think we definitely got our money's worth. DVD goes on sale 3/22.  It's already in my shopping cart on

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Feb. 3rd, 2013

FMA He Ain&#39;t Happy, Annoyed

Why we do not buy phones at Radio Shack!

So I have no phone until tomorrow afternoon.  On Tuesday, I went to pub to play some music as I usually do. For some reason though, I didn't put my phone in my purse before I put my phone in my flute bag. So it ended up floating around inside my big flute bag.  When I got home, I discovered that my screen was completely shattered.  I know how too. at some point, I set my chair on the corner of my bag by accident as I was sitting down. (normally my flute bag is tucked under my chair when I play so I can reach for different flutes.) Apparently my phone floating around inside my bag with all the yarn and flutes managed to get down into that corner right at the time I adjusted my chair. UGH... Well, It still worked fine, just the glass of the screen was shattered (to powder at the top and spider-webbed all the way down) under the touch screen, so I considered waiting to upgrade.  I just got a new Nexus 7, and have been using it more for my online stuff and really only needed the phone to be a phone.

Well, anyway, marynachaotica has been having some trouble with her phone. I knew I had an upgrade on the line I gave my mom for her little cheapy $10 GoPhone I gave her to keep in the car.   But when I went online to see what they might have available I discovered that her line could also be upgraded.  So marynachaotica wanted to get an upgrade.  After supper yesterday, we went into Radio Shack to see if they had any deals on Android phones that were better than AT&T had online.  She had an Atrix and I had an Atrix 2.  We both like these phones pretty well, but hers is getting pretty slow and out of date.  Radio Shack had the Atrix HD for $0 which was an amazing deal. That changed my mind about upgrading later, but he only had one in the store. The guy said he would transfer another in and we agreed to come back today to get both phones upgraded.

Well, our trip to Radio Shack was a nightmare. The guy helping us was nice enough, but geeze, he's not the brightest star in the sky.  It turned out to be a complete nightmare.  We  got there about a quarter to four in the afternoon.  So, marynachaotica's phone upgraded pretty easily, but mine wanted to be picky because it was a cross upgrade (that means I'm spending an upgrade on one line to put a new phone on mine).

Problem One: Radio Shack apparently no longer calls directly in to AT&T for assistance. First they call some stupid intermediary and they do not have access to the tools stuff that AT&T has. Simple stuff like putting in a new sim number on the correct number on a cross upgrade.  So ultimately almost an hour into the upgrade I called AT&T directly and explained the situation and had the agent speak to the RS guy to get the right sim card numbers assigned to the right phones without destroying the sim card in my mom's phone.

Problem Two: RTFM! Seriously. You get new technology, you Read the F'ing Manual before you start messing around with customer's new phones.  If you can believe this, not only did the RS guy put the marynachaotica's sim into my phone and my sim in marynachaotica's phone. He failed to look at the diagram right there on the door, and put them in sideways... got them jammed and ultimately destroyed one sim, and one phone. With my help he got one sim out undamaged, but damaged the phone, and got one sim out damaged and didn't damage the phone. He replaced the sim in the undamaged phone (marynachaotica's).

Problem Three: DO NOT TAKE 3 HOURS TO DO A COUPLE OF UPGRADES: I'm not even kidding! And do not take three hours, make your customers an hour late for dinner plans and then send them out the door with only one phone complete. That's what happened to us.  So ultimately, marynachaotica got a new phone today, but I have to wait until tomorrow so that he can go get ANOTHER phone and put the sim card in it.

Problem Four: Do not send your customer out the door without a working phone.  The least they could have done was quickly put a new sim into my old phone and activate it until they replace my new phone that they destroyed or give me a loaner.  My old phone doesn't work because the sim is already permanently deactivated. He could have put a new sim in it so I could use it until he got a new phone, but it took him so long to get things figured out, destroy a phone, switch and replace a sim, and establish that he'd destroyed my new phone (after I'd told him for an hour that he'd damaged the internal sim contacts), that I didn't have time to wait around another half an hour or more to have him replace the sim and reactivate my old phone.  Ugh. 

This is why I always told people not to go to Radio Shack for new phones. But the AT&T store just doesn't have the deals that we get at Radio Shack.  So tomorrow he is supposed to get the new phone, set it up, and transfer my data from the old phone to the new phone before I go to pick it up tomorrow afternoon.  I had better have a working phone by the time I leave there tomorrow, and really in all honesty, I had better be able to walk in, sign the contract and walk back out with my new phone, my old phone and a big smile on my face.  He does not NOT want me to leave there with my angry face on!


Jan. 12th, 2013

Spring Dragon


The curtains are drawn
Now the fire warms the room.
Meanwhile outside
Wind from the north-east chills the air,
It will soon be snowing out there.

And some there are
Cold, they prepare for a sleepless night.
Maybe this will be their last fight.

But we're safe in each other's embrace,
All fears go out as I look on your face -

Better think awhile
Or I may never think again.
If this were the last day of your life, my friend,
Tell me, what do you think you would do then?

Stand up to the blow that fate has struck upon you,
Make the most of all you still have coming to you,
Lay down on the ground and let the tears run from you,
Crying to the grass and trees and heaven finally on your knees

Let me live again, let life come find me wanting.
Spring must strike again against the shield of winter.
Let me feel once more the arms of love surround me,
Telling me the danger's past, I need not feel the icy blast again.

Laughter, music and perfume linger here
And there, and there,
Wine flows from flask to glass and mouth,
As it soothes, confusing our doubts.

And soon we feel,
Why do a single thing to-day,
There's tomorrow sure as I'm here.

So the days they turn into years
And still no tomorrow appears.

Better think awhile
Or I may never think again.
If this were the last day of your life, my friend,
Tell me, what do you think you would do then?

Stand up to the blow that fate has struck upon you,
Make the most of all you still have coming to you,
Lay down on the ground and let the tears run from you,
Crying to the grass and trees and heaven finally on your knees

Let me live again, let life come find me wanting.
Spring must strike again against the shield of winter.
Let me feel once more the arms of love surround me,
Telling me the danger's past, I need not feel the icy blast again.

~Tony Banks

Nov. 22nd, 2012

Reindeer bag, Holiday Fun

Updates Coming But for now:

The Holly Green,
The Ivy Green,
The prettiest picture you've ever seen.
It's Christmas in Kilarney,
And all of the folx at home!

(my favorite version here, performed by the Irish Rovers)

PS: Yes I know this is early but I was trying to find my Autumn layout, and it apparently no longer exists? (WTF?) so I put on my The Holly and the Ivy one for now since tomorrow is official putting up the Yule Tree day, and the landlord finished correcting our light switch to outlet connection just in time after nagging him for two years about it! hahaha!
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Nov. 21st, 2012

Spring Dragon

First post in forever is a Meme!

So it's been forever since I even posted to my LiveJournal.  I guess I'll steal this from marynachaotica

The Name Game Meme:

I like memes. They're show and tell for adults. OK, for adults who spend too much time blogging. If you would like to do this one on your wall or blog - go for it! Just let me know so I can visit you page and read it.

1. Rock star name ---Name of first pet and current car-- Kajagoogoo Sportage.

2. Gangsta name -- fave ice cream and cookie: Strawberry Fudgie Sticks.

3. Fly Guy/Girl name -- 1st letter of first name and 1st three letters of last name: C-Car.

4. Detective -- fave color and fave animal: Red Dragon.

5. Soap Opera star -- middle name and city you were born: Cynthea Xenia.

6. Star Wars name -- 1st 3 letters of last name and 1st 2 of first name: Car-Cy

7. Superhero -- "The," 2nd fave color and fave drink: The Green Pepper (hahahah!)

8. NASCAR - first names of your grandfathers: Hägan Frank.

9. Witness Protection - your mom and dad's middle names: Jaqueline James.

10. TV Weather Anchor -- Kindergarten teacher's last name and major city with same letter: Woods Washington

11. Spy name -- fave season/holiday and flower: Summer Columbine.

12. Cartoon - fave fruit and article of clothing you are wearing right now: Strawberry Pajamas.

13. Hippie name -- what you ate for breakfast and fave tree: Scooters Maple.

14. Rockstar Tour - "The," + fave hobby + fave weather element + "Tour": The Cycling Wind


May. 29th, 2012

Beach Dragon

Oh the Summertime is coming, and the trees are sweetly blooming"

...and thank the Gods for it. No more cold clammy weather. Today it was sooooo nice and warm.  I love the feel of warm air on my skin.  Yay for summer.  I wish we could just go straight from Autumn to Spring and just skip Winter (which really if I'm honest, we practically did this year) altogether. That would totally rock.</p>

May. 25th, 2012

Butterfly Stamp Green-Yellow

I found a couple of very amusing desktops

1 :: This was the one I found last  night that just made me go "WOW".  The detail is amazing, and I really love the image the artist chose to put in the Pokeball.  I also really like the size of the ball, and the heavy feel of the steel. It's perfect for an Ed Pokeball.

2 :: This one is not quite as detailed as the first one, but it's very nicely handled, and too funny not to share it anyway.

As with most images that I post, you can click on them to either view them full size, or in this case the link will take you to the source so you can download it full size.  The second one, does require a login/register. That said, I tried to register and found that I already was and I didn't even remember it. I don't ever get anything from them or anything.  Anyway, hope you all enjoy.

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